The Big, Bad Wolf

  • Edges: Fighter
  • Connections: Bear, Pop
  • Personal Set: Grey Bard’s grave
  • Current Fan Mail: 2
Story Arc
Pilot 1 2 3 4 5
2 3 1 1 2 2

Born in Idaho, the son of a wolf released from captivity and the younger brother of Grey Bard, we’ve seen little of Bear’s childhood. Grey Bard described him as ever disrespectful: killing animals without eating them and mocking eagles. Bear has described bitterly how his father abused him, and that he was beaten and bitten instead of Grey Bard. Bear got his name from his propensity to stand up to bears, where most wolves run from them. He’s also enormous, also lending to his name. He lumbers more like a bear than a wolf because of his massive size and strength.

Like Grey Bard, Bear eventually heard the calling to seek out the Promised Land of their ancestors, and made the trek to the Eagle Cap Wilderness, where he found his brother, confronted him, and killed him. Just before he died, Bear told his brother that before beginning his journey, he had killed their father. Bear threw the pack into chaos by seizing control of it in Grey Bard’s place.


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