Howl of the People

Season One - Episode 3

Mid-Season Interlude

Season One, Episode 3

Podcast Episode #8

Character Screen Presence this Episode
Bear 1
Singing Bird 2
Swift Paw 1
Watcher 2

Swift Paw faces his family’s disappointment when he returns from his battle, yet Bear still lives. Singing Bird travels back to her natal pack for help, forcing Watcher to swear to keep the secret from Swift Paw, lest he fail them once again.

But Watcher’s reluctance provides enough for Swift Paw to catch on that his brother has decided to hide something from him. He doesn’t figure out what precisely, and presumes that Singing Bird has abandoned them, while Watcher realizes the disappointment his mother will feel when she learns that he failed to keep her secret.

Far away, Singing Bird reunites with her natal pack, her older sister Cloud, and their brothers. She meets a wolf adopted by her pack, called Tiger Stripe, who has come hunting a darkness that has spread among those packs who have returned. Singing Bird tells them about Grey Bard’s death, and about Bear. Her pack agrees to go to war to help her.

Back at the den, Bear approaches with an offering of tobacco, asking Watcher to heal him. Torn between Bear’s desire for healing and his father’s geas, Watcher runs off.

The episode ends with Bear pawing plaintively at the ground where Singing Bird normally slept, then curling like always into a far corner of the den, so he would not touch her.



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