Howl of the People

Season One - Episode 2

Swift Paw's Spotlight Episode

Season One, Episode 2

Podcast Episode #4

Character Screen Presence this Episode
Bear 1
Singing Bird 1
Swift Paw 3 (spotlight episode)

Swift Paw makes a deal with a raven to help him kill Bear. The raven will pretend to lead Bear to an easy kill, but will instead lure him into a grizzly bear’s den.

In a flashback scene, we see Bear on his journey to the Promised Land pausing to find fish downstream from the same grizzly the raven has in mind. The grizzly threatens him, but Bear fights him, and despite his sound defeat, he nonetheless gives the bear a wound that gives him his name: “Scarbelly.”

Swift Paw shares the plan with Singing Bird and Watcher, who agree to the plan. Then the raven comes back with a new idea: to lead Bear to two genuine kills before leading him to the grizzly bear on the third. The pack reluctantly accepts.

The next few days, when Bear, Swift Paw, and Watcher go hunting together, the raven leads them to old or sick caribou and elk—just as promised. They take the animals down together and bring them back to the den. Despite himself, Swift Paw begins to warm to Bear, who fits the mold of a model pack alpha so well, leading the hunts expertly and joining in the most ancient of wolf rituals, the hunt.

When the day comes to lead Bear to his death, Swift Paw is torn. He relays his doubts to Singing Bird and Watcher, who dismiss him. When the trap is sprung, Swift Paw follows Bear into the gully. Bear and Swift Paw take the grizzly on together, but the grizzly ends up beating them up, sending their bodies flying over the edge of the gully to careen down the hill.

Bear compliments Swift Paw, anointing him with blood and calling him a warrior, making Swift Paw feel even more conflicted. The ravens taunt Swift Paw from the tree branches as he and Bear struggle to their feet and head back to the den.



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