Howl of the People

Season One - Episode 1

Bear's Spotlight Episode

Season One, Episode 1

Podcast Episode #3

Character Screen Presence this Episode
Bear 3 (spotlight episode)
Singing Bird 2
Swift Paw
Watcher 2

Without Gray Bard around to lead the hunts, the pack has been going hungry. Worse yet, Singing Bird ran off after Gray Bard’s death, leaving Watcher and Swift Paw alone. While out hunting for whatever small creature they can get, Watcher and Swift Paw catch scent of Bear, who is also hunting. They track him. Then Watcher has a vision of Bear with a gigantic, bloody hole in his chest—he is clearly missing his heart. Watcher warns Swiftpaw against following Bear, but Swift Paw insists. Soon, they’re lost in a clear-cut area—they don’t know where they are and they’ve completely lost Bear’s trail. The brothers set up camp for the night, hoping to find their way back home in the morning.

The morning comes—the brothers have overslept. When they wake up, they see (and smell!) Adam the hippie. Watcher barks at him to get him to go away. Adam looks horrified, but also fascinated, and he stays put. He gives Watcher his bag of weed. Watcher bats the disgusting-smelling thing away, then approaches Adam slowly, warily, and yips a greeting. Adam hands him something that smells vaguely like food—and is edible! Starving, Watcher wolfs it down. Adam pets Watcher, then walks away, leaving both Watcher and Swift Paw deeply confused.

Meanwhile, Bear takes down an elk. He heads toward the pack’s den, where Singing Bird is resting. She has been trying to hunt whatever she can, and regurgitate the food for her sons. Now she’s tired. Bear walks right up to her and regurgitates all his elk meat right in front of her. He growls for her to submit. She does so, and eats some of the meat. Bear walks into the den and lays down. Singing Bird is resentful, but too weak to stop him.

Still lost in the woods with Swift Paw, Watcher has another vision, this time seeing Bear in the family den, heart still missing. At the same time, Bear is asleep, and in his dream, he sees Watcher looking at him. He begs Watcher to help him. But Gray Bard’s voice warns Watcher not to help him, for he is cursed. On their way home, Swift Paw and Watcher reach the haunted grounds of their father’s murder. Watcher feels himself being pulled into the shadow world. Gray Bard’s spirit, in the form of a massive swarm of insects, tells him he has to kill Bear to set things right again. Once out of the spirit world, Watcher convinces Swift Paw to help him kill Bear.



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