Season One: Eagle Cap Wilderness

To the wolves of the Eagle Cap Wilderness in northwestern Oregon, the valley shines as the Promised Land of their ancestors. But a dark shadow extends to find them even there, as an interloper intrudes into their territory, kills their father, and assumes his place, leaving a shell-shocked widow in search of vengeance, an impetuous young wolf torn between his divided loyalties, and a wolf shaman struggling against his fear of the future only he can see.

Bear | Singing Bird | Watcher | Swift Paw

  1. Pilot
  2. Episode 1 – Bear’s spotlight
  3. Episode 2 – Swift Paw’s spotlight
  4. Episode 3
  5. Episode 4 – Singing Bird’s spotlight
  6. Episode 5 – Watcher’s spotlight

Season Two: Calgary Suburbs

In the suburbs of Calgary, coyotes survive by their wits.

Season Three: Allegheny National Forest

Wolves have been extinct in the Allegheny National Forest for a hundred years. Now, the “eastern coyote” has begun to move into that space. Bigger than coyotes, they hunt deer in packs, like wolves. Where the Allegheny needed wolves, it made them out of coyotes.

Wolf News

  • A Confirmed Wolf Pack in NE Oregon published ten days after the pilot, where we sang wolves back home!
  • 15 November 2009, Willem reports that his friend found huge wolf prints near Fish Lake, near the Eagle Cap Wilderness—and astonishingly similar to Bear’s description!
  • The Wolf That Changed America aired on PBSNature, 23 November 2009, chronicling Ernest Thompson Seton’s hunt of the wolf Lobo, and how it made him the great conservationist known and honored today.

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